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About Chloe


After leaving school I completed my level 2 apprenticeship in business administration. I then went on to work various admin and hospitality roles where I developed my customer service skills . I joined superior in September 2021 as a Trainee Recruitment Resourcer.

Why Recruitment?

 I chose recruitment because it is something different every day from task to task, it is a role that has variation and I can really sink my teeth into and create the foundations for a solid career in the future.   

Why Superior?

 I had been looking for apprenticeships and Superior recruitment where kind enough to offer me a placement within the team with excellent opportunities for growth and development while working in a supportive and friendly working environment.  I look forward to the future within my role at this company and I wish to progress and grow within the team as the company continues to grow and succeed in years to come.

Outside of recruitment what is it you like to do?

Outside of recruitment I enjoy spending my time with friends and family. I enjoy baking, reading, and traveling and have travelled to various destinations one of my favourites being Mexico

After the craziness of lockdown what do you want to see in 2022?

In 2022 I can see myself having solid foundations for a future career in recruitment. I will have completed my level 3 apprenticeship early 2022 and I will be able to apply this knowledge withing my job role.  I wish to progress within Superior and develop the skills and knowledge I have acquired during my trainee position and become an important member of the team.