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About Darren

Superior Role

I am a Trainee Resource & Account Manager under the guidance of Heather, my role is to headhunt candidates and to put them into roles which would be best suited to both themselves and to the client looking to fill that position, as well as to guide them through the selection process from beginning to end.


Prior to starting in recruitment, I have around 5 years’ worth of customer service experience, working in multiple markets, including gas & electric, telecommunication and international finance, as well as gaining over a year of experience working in sales roles.

Why Recruitment

I became interested in the prospect of a career in recruitment as it ticked a lot of boxes in what I wanted from a career. I enjoy the challenge of filling vacancies and trying to help find the correct roles for potential candidates. I also like the rewarding feeling of helping the person out to find a position at a company which they really enjoy. With the possibilities for a hugely rewarding career, I couldn’t think of a better place to be.

Why Superior

Having read information online and then having met the team here it all seemed too good to be true, a wonderful environment with a great atmosphere with people who are more than happy to help. There is everything here to help me succeed with my career goals, as well as the chance to earn uncapped commission.

3 Month Plan

My plan for the next 3 months is to succeed in achieving my targets over that period, to progress hopefully ahead of schedule and to achieve more than is expected over this period.

Outside of Recruitment

In my spare time outside of work I am a part time musician which takes up a good amount of my free time, I play multiple instruments and do enjoy spending my time writing and creating as much as I can. I am also a huge fan of sports, more specifically F1, MMA, football, boxing, golf, tennis & cricket. I also love going on nature hikes and walks, just generally all things nature. When I’m not busy with any of my above interests I do tend to spend a little time gaming or watching a series or movie.

Craziness After Covid

I would like to further develop any skills which will help me to succeed in my role as a Resource & Account Manager, as well as to help the company continue to grow as best as I can.