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About Maricris

Superior Role

My role is a Technical Sourcer and I'm directly reporting to the Managing Director - Gareth. Most of the positions I source are more on Engineers , US based.


I have almost 10 years’ experience in Recruitment. I have experience recruiting for BPO,RPO, US and UK for different position and different industry from Rank and file to Managerial position.

Why Recruitment

I love Recruitment. Yes, it is really a challenging one but except from you filled out the position , but seeing your candidates get hired and you help him/her to put food on their tables and the long messages and saw how thankful they are, it's PRICELESS.

Recruitment for me is not a profession but it's a vocation. Helping people to build their career.

Why Superior

I search about the company and when I heard about the position that they are filling out , I feel excited because it is a challenging one but when I spoke to Gareth during the interview, I saw, and I know that Superior Recruitment will help me grow , guide me, and help me not just to fill out the position but to learn more ways about recruitment.

Outside of recruitment what is it you like to do

Outside work, I usually spent time with my Son, go to mall or Kids Park, eating in our favourite fast-food and help in Church.

After the craziness of 2020 what do you want to see in 2021?

Looking forward for more safe, peaceful, healthy people on the coming year worldwide.