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About Patricia


16 years in recruitment, I started my career in 2007 across construction, IT, Hospitality, and Retail.

I quickly realised that the Engineering Construction sectors are what I wanted to develop. Being such a creative soul, and loved the idea of nothing becoming something such as a mega project.

In 2012 I joined Network Engineering in South Africa to build a desk in Construction, Civil Engineering, and Projects controls. Within my first 6 months with the organisation, I was promoted to Executive consultant and maintained my top achiever status for nearly 7 years.

In 2019 I was headhunted to join a company spending 2 years with them to build a new branch and lead a team expanding knowledge internationally and within not just construction but Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Mining, and Project Management.

I thereafter was approached to focus on an International role within the Civil Engineering Sector and gaining valuable experience in new laws, regulations, and new cultures

I have gained a good experience in various countries such as South Africa, Africa, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States.


Why Superior

Superior is a breath of fresh air, and they have offered me the opportunity to expand my career and grow my international portfolio within the UK and USA markets.

Joining a company that wants to be different with a hands-on approach by showing me the value my career has brings out a that spark in me that any challenge can be overcome.


Outside Recruitment

I enjoy spending time with my family and my 3 children

Huge fitness fan, so I like to keep not just my mind healthy but my body to

Over weekends I enjoy riding my Harley Davidson, exploring and seeing new places


Why Recruitment

Recruitment found me, and I quickly learned helping people and making a difference is something I am very passionate about. There is no greater feeling when you’ve found someone their next new role that you have just changed their lives.

People work with people, so I strive to improve my long-standing relationships with clients and candidates every day.

Recruitment makes us reflect on who we are and what we can be if we don’t just sit back and watch.


After 2022

Hit the ground running

Creating new relationships in various countries, learning about new cultures and sectors

Learn a new skill every day

Making this new challenge my own and developing my success with Superior Recruitment Group.