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At Superior Recruitment Group we strive to do everything right first time, all the time. Corners are not cut, and best practice is critical to how we operate. Since our inception we have offered recruitment, payroll, and mobility solutions to clients in three continents and across 16 countries and counting.

Our owners are hugely proud that this is reflected by our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation which we have achieved for 2 years consecutively since 2018. A representation that at Superior Recruitment Group we insist on running our business based solely around quality. Our processes and procedures are reviewed annually as a minimum in line with ISO 9001:2015 quality management guidance. Personnel, both internal or external, must adhere to compliant methodologies, from complaints to candidate registrations, GDPR, PAYE, IR35, VAT, international payroll, Tax, Gate Passes, Business and Working Visa’s and global mobility.

In our core UK and US markets compliance is critical, expand that to over 90 countries that we can compliantly offer recruitment solutions within. The penalties for not delivering a compliant solution are severe, that is why many of our clients come to us for advice when undertaking an oversees project.

Superior Recruitment Group have a track record of investing both time and money in best practices, with state of the art CRM’s, candidate tracking software, phone systems and continuous training and development plans.