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With thousands of staffing firms operating around the globe how can you stand out from others? Here at Superior Recruitment Group we believe the critical deciding factor is Service Delivery.

  • Imagine telling a candidate you are going to do what you say you are going to do for them?

  • Following up with a candidate you promised to, prior to being in contention for a role?

  • Advising a client of your capability to deliver on a role, then filling it successfully first time with a candidate who goes on to become an integral part of their business?

  • Being honest with a candidate and explaining why they are not right for a certain role and managing their expectations in a sensitive, yet professional manner?

  • Offering a client, a very transparent overview of your project when undertaking an assignment to hire?

  • Outperforming an established recruitment supply chain because you went that extra mile to listen to a candidate or client’s needs?

  • Never taking a client for granted, ensuring they receive the same top-quality service that they received on day one of your relationship and reinforcing the reasons they chose you over others?

  • Agreed to take a 6am call with a candidate because that was the only window they had to talk.

At Superior Recruitment Group we felt it vitally important that our core values reflected those of the candidate and client and our three Core Values are built around what clients and candidate alike want from our team here at Superior.