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Corporate & Boardroom

Corporate & Boardroom

​Our team work with senior Stakeholders to offer a range of appointments on permanent, temporary and contract basis. We have supported clients across various sectors from Oil & Gas, Field and Technical, Business Management, Manufacturing, Procurement, Human Resources and Supply Chain, QHSE, IT & Technology, Finance and Accounting, Marketing and Sales and also Logistics.

Our clients today face unprecedented challenges in the marketplace. Never before has board performance and accountability been under such intense scrutiny by a range of stakeholders, including institutional investors, regulators and employees.

  • Chairman

  • CEO

  • President

  • COO

  • Managing Director

  • Vice President

  • CFO

  • CTO

  • Marketing Director

  • Non-Executive Director

  • CIO

  • IT Director

  • Project Director

  • Finance Director

  • Operations Director

  • Director of Audit

  • Chief Supply Chain Officer

  • Chief Procurement Officer

  • Chief Logistics Officer

  • Sales Director

  • Commercial Director

Image 2020 12 09 T11 25 29

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