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Superior Recruitment Group understands that IR35 is a key topic for anyone that has Limited Company Contractors on their projects.

We can offer a fully compliant and insured offering to help relieve you of the stresses and concerns, at no cost to the end client. Superior have a partnership with a tax advisory and IR35 specialist firm to offer you a compliant and risk-free solution.

Our partner specialises in IR35 and were selected by the Home Office in 2017 to manage their IR35 compliance programme. Since then, they have carried out over 20,000 determinations in the public and private sectors which demonstrates the ability and credibility of our partner.

What separates this service to other models out there right now is each decision is made by a human - not an automated service, where a computer says black or white, when clearly in this process there is a lot of grey. Superior Recruitment are offering this service to our clients for free. In short both the job description and the individual contractor, once selected, would need to be assessed.

What is clear is Limited Contractors will continue post April 2021, but hiring organisations will be open to more random investigations and of course penalties if found to be wrongly classified and this is the concern to you the client and us the agency. Superior Recruitment saw this situation as an opportunity to partner with a truly credible and compliant partner and offer this service for free to our clients.

Where is the catch?

There isn’t one! Superior Recruitment have a portal with all our clients on, under each client would be a section with all of the Limited Company Contractors working for that client. Each Contractor would have their own record which shows all documentation, status determination documents, outcomes, appeals and notes around the individual. The process is free to our clients.

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If you would like to discuss our IR35 services further, please get in touch with the team on +44 (0)191 3389100.